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RE: Help tweaking settings so slapd is not writing to disk so much

--On Wednesday, March 07, 2012 12:36 AM +0100 Marc <M.Roos@roosit.eu> wrote:

The filesystem is already mounted with no atime.(but it is a vmware
guest, with ide drive this still needs to be fixed)

I read the slapd-bdb man page and I get now that slapd's conf is
complementing the DB_CONFIG file. But with setting this  olcDbShmKey to
1 (removed it from DB_CONFIG). I am not seeing the slapd process
constantly in iotop -o. Why is it not good to set this?

olcDbShmKey applies to a cn=config configured slapd. You use "shmkey" for a slapd.conf configured slapd. Read the man page carefully.



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