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Re: syncrepl simple bind

> ldap1-client <->   slapd2:       Communication OK
> slapd1       <->   ldap2-client: Communication OK
> slapd1       <-/-> slapd2:       Communication failure
> Using 'ldapsearch' command, I am able to bind and search on the
> slapd2 server from the server (slapd1) that is issuing the above
> error and vice-versa. So, the client modules from one server have
> no trouble connecting the slapd on the other server, however,
> the slapd to slapd communication via slap_client_connect for
> syncrepl seems to have an issue.
> I am wondering if there is anything in the cn=config configuration
> that could lead to this.

I have upgraded to 2.4.30, but I still have the above problem!
I am compiling this in an openvz containter (2.6.32-042stab049.6)
with --enable-syncprov option.

What is the best way to check if 'syncprov' is enabled in my 
compiled slapd?