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Re: Collabograte project

On 01/03/12 22:17, Kartik Subbarao wrote:
> I'm integrating OpenLDAP as an LDAP Directory component in the open
> source Collabograte project that I recently announced:
> http://kartiksubbarao.com/announcing-collabograte

I think this is interesting and very worthwhile.  There are similar
projects like FusionForge, some of them use OpenLDAP.  Can you elaborate
on what makes Collabograte distinctive from those other alternatives?

> I'd be very interested in hearing any comments, ideas, suggestions, or
> questions you might have on this. I want to help Enterprise IT do a
> better job of integrating open source into their environments, as well
> as improve the collaboration between Enterprise IT and open source
> project communities.

Other popular collaboration apps that come to mind are MoinMoin,
Bugzilla, mailman

Do you plan to offer choice of app, e.g. someone can choose between
Bugzilla, Mantis or RT for bug/service request handling?

Or you anticipate a very tight integration with the apps you prefer?