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Re: Private OID range(s) ?

Nick Milas wrote:
On 24/2/2012 5:17 ÎÎ, Emmanuel LÃcharny wrote:

Get one OID for your organization (a PEN number) at

Thanks to all for the feedback.

In the meantime, I also found this page:
with useful info.

Looking at the web page above:

1. I'd not follow Jim's advice to use a different first number (although I much respect Jim's LDAP and eDirectory knowledge).

2. Two other responses also recommend using your own OID arc.

3. AFAICS the UUID-based OIDs do not allow structured OID assignments.

Personally if things are not working fast enough in a project I have defined a non-public customers OID arc under my own enterprise ID where several customers of mine who do not want to register an enterprise-ID themselves get their own OID arc. Yes, that requires some discipline on my side but it's not much work.

Ciao, Michael.