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Re: daemon: bind(6) failed errno=98 (Address,already in use)


stefano schrieb (22.02.2012 10:00 Uhr):

i tryied to comment everything in ldap.conf and restart the ldap server but is failed.
You can forget about all the ldap.conf things before you did not solved this:

checking in syslog the error is

daemon: bind(6) failed errno=98 (Address,already in use)
Maybe because all processes did not end and still sit on the port.
Check your process list and netstat to solve this.

Before trying to connect with a client again, make perfectly clear that the server is running and listening, i.e. by increasing the log level of slapd (or with debug output).

ldap.conf is more or less for convenience, it let's you type less but everything in there can be set as options and parameters with ldapsearch/add/delete/modify etc. It's more important that your slapd config is fine at first.