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Re: slapd.conf & ldap.conf

Am Mon, 20 Feb 2012 09:46:56 +0100
schrieb stefano <stefano.malini@gmail.com>:

> I just startedto useldap.I did the installationon debianwith apt-get 
> installdirectlyso I didn'tcompilethe source.
> which file shouldbe loadedin moduleload?
> how runslapdindebugmode?
> >> modulepath      /usr/lib/ldap
> >> moduleload      back_hdb
> > you have not defined the module as file.
> >
> > man slapd.conf(5)
> > moduleload<filename>
> >    Specify the name of a dynamically loadable module to
> >    load.
> > In order to recieve more information, run slapd(8) in debugging
> > mode.

You have defined the directory which contains modules, visit this
directory. The correct file name of back_hdb module should be
With regard to debugging mode of slapd, I referenced man slapd(8),
which says:
-d debug-level
   Turn  on debugging as defined by debug-level.
for more information on debugging see man slapd.conf(5), in particular
on loglevel.
loglevel <integer> [...]
         Specify  the  level  at which debugging ...

Just add an apropriate loglevel to the -d flag of slapd.


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