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Re: Error - not compiled with SASL support

On 02/15/12 16:34 +0530, Gaurav Gugnani wrote:
Hello Howard,

Thks for your support.
I installed open ldap from source.

On 02/15/12 17:57 +0530, Gaurav Gugnani wrote:
Hello Anax,

I did the installation from openldap rpm files.
And yes - if there is no other option then i have to go to re-compiling the
entire system with SASL enabled packages.

But my Q's is:
Q> First i need to install the cyrus-sasl package and then i need to
install the open-ldap with sasl option??
Plz confirm if my understanding is correct?

Did you install openldap from distro packages, and then installed over
it from source? Or you recompiled from the rpm source packages?

Either way, if your goal is to recompile openldap from source, and you want
to have sasl support, then you'll want to find out if your distro supplies
a -dev package (e.g. cyrus-sasl2-dev or libsasl2-dev) and install it before
recompiling, like Howard suggested. Openldap should detect the existence of
the sasl headers and compile support in, or you can explicitly request
support with the ./configure --with-cyrus-sasl option.

If your system is in an inconsistent state, such as having some binaries in
your path which have sasl support because they are the distro produced
binaries, and some binaries which were produced by a recompile, then take
some time to consider how you should proceed. If you have a good
understanding of your system, and the ./configure options used by your
distro packages, then you could recompile on top of those binaries. If not,
then more time consuming measures, involving a couple of hours of downtime,
might be in order.

Dan White