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help with replication

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to migrate our existing LDAP setup running on rhel4 to virtual hosts.
I am able to setup the ldap server on the virtual host but cannot get the replication working.
I cannot find the slapd.replog on the server.
Please let me know how can I get this running.

Server A - virtual host running rhel 5 (master server)

slapd.conf is as follows

replogfile /var/lib/ldap/slapd.replog
replica host=abc.ex.com:389

Server B - virtual host running rhel5 (slave server)

slapd.conf is as follows

updatedn "cn=Replica,o=xxx,dc=xx,dc=xx,dc=xx"
updateref ldap://xyz.ex.com

I have added the ldap database on the exisitng on to the new virtual master and slave servers using an ldif file , slapcat and slapadd.
Everything is working fine as it should, except the replication is not working.

I have checked the configuration of the running setup and the only difference i could find is in the /var/lib/ldap/ directory.
I couldnt find slurpd.replog file in it on the master server.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.