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Re: howto prepare automatic backups

You don't need to stop openldap to slapcat. You simply can't guarantee it's 100% up to date - which is more important when there's a lot of activity.

Easiest method: setup replication. Then you've got an active backup or perhaps a node you can stop (if unused or part of a pair of slaves) and then slapcat that without user impact.

It's also a good idea to backup openldap's config (typically /etc/openldap or /usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap - your /etc/ldap dir /may/ be that dir.

As for /var/lib/[open]ldap: that would be where the db lives - backing that up would probably be a good idea too - even though slapcat should capture the data there.

- chris

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Im looking how to prepare automatic backups to openldap database. In last mail I comment problem with a crash report, and Im testing how can I do backups and restore it. Only I view slapcat command, but you need to stop the database, and is a critical server and I can't do this stop without create problems to users. There is not any other form?

And for other part I would like to understand the content of every folder, because Im with a ubuntu 9.04 server and Im checking what folder I need to control for future restores. Can someone explain the funcition of /var/lib/ldap and /etc/ldap/???

Where is the users data?


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