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Re: Question on LDAP Schema(s) for Intranet Mail Routing

On 9/2/2012 7:08 ÎÎ, Charles T. Brooks wrote:

I wish I could help more than I have, Nick, but as far as I know there
is no useable RFC standard for mail routing that covers real world
needs.  Working pragmatic implementations are based on someone's
interpretation of an expired internet draft, at best.

I would love for someone to prove me wrong, though!

Thanks Charles,

First, the reason I started this new thread is that the whole discussion we had was under an irrelevant subject.

Second, your advice re. the Lachman / Laser / Sendmail schema was very insightful. After reading the associated draft, I found that I could improve my setup by implementing it (at least to some extent), following your suggestions and experience.

Note: In the meantime, I found this: http://www.qmail-ldap.org/wiki/index.php/Qmail.schema.

I agree that real world needs vary enormously, yet it is very helpful to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Adding a safe schema with some objectClasses and attributes which seem to cover a range of needs re. ldap-based MTAs, aids both design and implementation. The qmail-ldap schema adds some really helpful and needed attributes, like mailForwardingAddress (also mentioned in Lachman draft) and accountStatus (and even mailQuotaSize; I am using an irrelevant attribute to store this info at the moment).

Since I am already using misc.schema file and the basic attributes are available (inetLocalMailRecipient objectClass with mailLocalAddress, mailHost, mailRoutingAddress attributes), I am tempted to manually add selectively attributes from the qmail schema. In order to avoid messing things, I am hoping this thread might attract some more experienced users here, like you, to provide some ideas on how to proceed.

(My applications to use these attributes are mainly Postfix/Dovecot.)

All advice will be welcome.