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Re: Got error while enabling SASL

On 02/09/12 00:13 +0530, Gaurav Gugnani wrote:
Thks Dan, it worked.

Now hopefully last query from my side (sorry to bother you so much)
As i gave:
    access to dn.subtree="ou=System,o=xyz"
         by dn="uid=sasluser21,ou=System,o=xyz" read
         by anonymous auth

*So, will giving anonymous privilege any issue? *
I read following:
Next is by anonymous auth. This phrase grants an anonymous user (one who
has not yet authenticated) permission to authenticate using a password.
More accurately, it indicates that when a user submits a request for
authentication, the directory server is allowed to perform an
authentication operation (which amounts to comparing the submitted password
with the value in the userPassword attribute for the corresponding user's

What is its impact, Please put some light on it?

Chapter 8 of the OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide has more explanation.

Dan White