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Re: Got error while enabling SASL

On 02/08/12 16:22 +0530, Gaurav Gugnani wrote:

Thks for replying.

Now, i am proceeding with following steps but still getting an error:

1> cat /usr/lib64/sasl2/slapd.conf
# SASL Configuration
pwcheck_method: auxprop
auxprop_plugin: slapd

2> cat /etc/openladp/slapd.conf
password-hash  {CLEARTEXT}
sasl-auxprops slapd
authz-regexp uid=(.*),cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth uid=$1,ou=System,o=xyz

*Note:* ACL are given properly.

3> Then i'm trying to add user: cat add_sasl_accnt21.ldif
dn: uid=sasluser21,ou=System,o=xyz
uid: sasluser21
ou: System
description: Special account for SASL Testing
userPassword: sasluser21
objectClass: account
objectClass: simpleSecurityObject

ldapadd -x -D cn=Manager,o=xyz -W -f add_sasl_accnt21.ldif

5> Now, when i do ldapsearch:
ldapsearch -Y DIGEST-MD5 -U uid=sasluser21 -b

You should be providing just the username with the -U option. I recommend
using ldapwhoami to test your authz-regexp rules:

ldapwhoami -Y digest-md5 -U sasluser21

SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication started
Please enter your password:
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Invalid credentials (49)
       additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database

In log file i got some clue: that its trying to use modify dn.

Have a look plz:
slapd[14125]: >>> dnPrettyNormal: <>
slapd[14125]: <<< dnPrettyNormal: <>, <>
slapd[14125]: conn=1228 op=1 BIND dn="" method=163
slapd[14125]: do_bind: dn () SASL mech DIGEST-MD5
slapd[14125]: SASL [conn=1228] Debug: DIGEST-MD5 server step 2
slapd[14125]: slap_sasl_getdn: u:id converted to
slapd[14125]: >>> dnNormalize: <uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,cn=DIGEST-MD5,cn=auth>
slapd[14125]: <<< dnNormalize: <uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,cn=digest-md5,cn=auth>
slapd[14125]: ==>slap_sasl2dn: converting SASL name
uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,cn=digest-md5,cn=auth to a DN
slapd[14125]: ==> rewrite_context_apply [depth=1]
slapd[14125]: ==> rewrite_rule_apply
string='uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,cn=digest-md5,cn=auth' [1 pass(es)]
slapd[14125]: ==> rewrite_context_apply [depth=1]
slapd[14125]: slap_parseURI: parsing uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,ou=System,o=xyz
slapd[14125]: >>> dnNormalize: <uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,ou=System,o=xyz>
slapd[14125]: <<< dnNormalize: <uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,ou=system,o=xyz>
slapd[14125]: <==slap_sasl2dn: Converted SASL name to
slapd[14125]: slap_sasl_getdn: dn:id converted to
slapd[14125]: => bdb_search
slapd[14125]: bdb_dn2entry("uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,ou=system,o=xyz")
slapd[14125]: => bdb_dn2id("uid=uid\3Dsasluser21,ou=system,o=xyz")

Notice the uid=uid\3Dsasluser21... here, instead of the desired

slapd[14125]: <= bdb_dn2id: get failed: DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data
pair found (-30988)
slapd[14125]: => access_allowed: disclose access to "ou=System,o=xyz"
"entry" requested
slapd[14125]: => dn: [2] o=xyz
slapd[14125]: => dn: [3] ou=subscribers,o=xyz
slapd[14125]: => acl_get: [4] attr entry
slapd[14125]: => acl_mask: access to entry "ou=System,o=xyz", attr "entry"
slapd[14125]: => acl_mask: to all values by "", (=0)
slapd[14125]: <= check a_dn_pat: self
slapd[14125]: <= check a_dn_pat: uid=replicator,ou=system,o=xyz
slapd[14125]: <= check a_dn_pat: uid=sasluser21,ou=system,o=xyz
slapd[14125]: <= acl_mask: no more <who> clauses, returning =0 (stop)
slapd[14125]: => slap_access_allowed: disclose access denied by =0

You might need a more permissive (by anonymous auth) ACL here, for dn.base="ou=System,o=xyz" and "attrs=entry".

See slapd.access(5).

slapd[14125]: => access_allowed: no more rules
slapd[14125]: send_ldap_result: conn=1228 op=1 p=3
slapd[14125]: SASL [conn=1228] Failure: no secret in database
slapd[14125]: send_ldap_result: conn=1228 op=1 p=3

Dan White