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Re: How do I reset rootdn password?

Only if you move the slapd.d dir will the slapd.conf file be used.

Read the admin guide, it's worth it.

- chris

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Le samedi 04 février 2012 à 12:21 +0100, Michael Ströder a écrit :

> You edit it. You can generate a value with slappasswd.
> Depending on the configuration method you edit the text file slapd.conf or use
> ldapmodify to alter the value of attribute 'olcRootPW' in the accompanying
> database entry in cn=config.
> Ciao, Michael.

There is no slapd.conf file at this point. So, I did try to use
ldapmodify, however authentication is required to make this running and
this is the problem I am having, I don't have the rootpw.

Can I go back to slapd.conf and put a new password there and restart the
daemon? Will it modify the config database?



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