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Re: Best Practices for configuration management with cn=config?

Jeff B wrote:
I'm using puppet for configuration management and with the slapd.conf
it was dumb simple to push configs to the master and the slave servers
and have the server reload when the config was updated.

However I'm running an overlay that pukes with a slapd.conf and had to
convert over to cn=config.

That's a pretty odd overlay; it's currently not possible to write support for cn=config without inherently supporting slapd.conf at the same time.

 Now I'm not sure how I want to manage
this.  Can I safely modify the files while slapd is running?  I
wouldn't expect it to pick up the config changes without a reload, but
if I want puppet to push configs and reload will this be a valid

No, and no.

Or do I need to do something with an LDIF of the config and have some
kind  of ldapadd/ldapmodify mojo?


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