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Ldap Tree References and Timeouts


I incorporated a subtree in our LDAP tree by reference. This subtree is
offered by two servers. That's why I set the uri parameter to ldap1 and
ldap2. If one of these servers is down, searches take very long (>10
min). The manpage says:

"The URI list is space- or comma-separated.  Whenever the server that
responds is not the first one in the list, the list is rearranged and
the responsive server is moved to the head, so that it will be first
contacted the next time a connection needs be created."

Have I missed something here or is there a timeout value to be set?

This is our configuration for that part:

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# --- Specific Backend Directives for ldap -----------------
# ----------------------------------------------------------
backend        ldap
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# --- Specific Directives for database ldap (babylon) ------
# ----------------------------------------------------------
database       ldap
# --- The base of your directory
suffix         "dc=subtree,dc=xyz,dc=de"
uri            "ldap://ldap1.xyz.de ldap://ldap2.xyz.de";
# --- Save the time that the entry gets modified
lastmod        off
# --- Specify  that the current backend database is a subordinate 


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