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Re: RootDSE search, add attributes


Am Mittwoch 07 Dezember 2011, 20:29:47 schrieb W.Siebert@t-systems.com:
> Hello,
> my application sends a root_dse search, (objectclass=*) without any
> attributes. So openldap answers with 2 lines:
>  Top objectClass: top
> objectClass: OpenLDAProotDSE
> But I need all attributes and controls
> Application is a blackbox, I can't change the search filter.
> Question:
> is it posible to add an attribute with '+' to get all system features
> by using rewritting/remapping to substitute the ampty attribute witch
> '+'
There is the allop overlay in contrib/slapd-modules/allop. The manpage 
even contains an example that should fit your needs.