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Re: db_recover question

frank.offermanns@caseris.de wrote:
Since I haven't got an answer to my previous question.
Maybe you could answer me this questions:

In the cases slapd.exe performes internal database cleanup at startup is
it possible for LDAP clients to access
the database while cleanup is running or will connect attempts from
clients fail at that state.

Connections will fail until recovery is done.

If the database is locked while recovering we would be able to assume
safely, that internal database recovery
at startup has completed when a client connect attempt succeeds. Can we?


I searched the list and found several different informations to
In older versions it was not advised to do a manual db_recover.

Can db_recover still harm a consistent database (I use db-5.1.25.NC /

No, it will not harm the DB. It will reset the BDB environment, thus erasing the BDB cache and causing a slower startup, but aside from that there should be no visible effect.

To be more precise, should I try to find out, if a unclean shutdown
occured and then db_recover manually or can I db_recover with the 5.1.25
DB and Openldap 2.4.26 at every startup?

No. slapd does recovery automatically. In most cases there is no need to run db_recover manually.

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