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Re: OpenLDAP syncrepl woes

--On Thursday, December 01, 2011 9:38 AM -0800 Jeffrey Crawford <jeffreyc@ucsc.edu> wrote:

Humm that didn't seem to work. I'm rebuilding so I'll give that another

Finally got to do another test. I tested by changing the permissions
of the replication account permissions and tried restarting with slapd
-c rid=<number> where the number is the id of the rid= definition in
the olcSyncrepl configuration. It didn't seem to work (Note the
permission changes were just what attributes the account could see)

Just for grins I also tried rid=0 and rid by itself. None seemed to
work. I'm guessing I'm just doing something wrong but not sure what it

Well, rid can't be zero. rid has to be the rid you selected in the replica for that master connection. Looking at test058, it looks like the correct syntax is to use -c rid=<rid>,csn=0



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