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Re: memberof overlay deployment

I tried the method suggested by Marco to populate memberOf attributes of existing entries:
>> How would you recommend getting memberof values populated in the existing directory?
> If you can afford a sequence of:
> stop -> slapcat -> drop db -> slapadd
> Everything gets populated as desired.
I tried this and the directory was restored minus the memberOf attributes. I used the following commands on version 2.4.11 (yes, I know I have to upgrade …) :
/usr/local/sbin/slapcat -l data_20111201.ldif
(..drop db..)
/usr/local/sbin/slapadd -c -v –l data_20111201.ldif
‘Manual’ group membership updates do result in the memberOf attributes getting updated, so I know the overlay is working.
Bryce Powell