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Re: Syncrepl error causes consumers to freeze

Nick Milas wrote:
On 28/11/2011 11:37 ÏÎ, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

You've provided zero information on why they are freezing (i.e., a
backtrace with debugging symbols enabled on the servers where slapd
has "frozen").

Thanks Quanah,

Unfortunately, such error has not ever appeared until now, so I doubt
I'll be able to reproduce, so as to create a backtrace. If, however, I
manage to reproduce, I'll surely post the results. It's a production
system, so testing is not so straightforward.

Error logging of the form:
"Nov 23 23:12:04 dns2 kernel: slapd[2736] general protection rip:4b5342
rsp:43c54530 error:0"
is practically useless?

It shows that something crashed. It doesn't tell what or why. Without a backtrace there's nothing we can determine.

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