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A question about Mirror mode sync

Hi All,

I set up two machines as LDAP server under mirror replication mode using openldap-2.4.26ã

I found a problem: when a server was down, any LDAP add operation on the running server will
not propagate immediately to the previous down server after it has restarted, but the LDAP delete
Âoperation can do.

Âand I found after 5-10 minutes, the add operation content can be found on the previous down server.
but it seems the time is not constant.

My question: How to enable the add operations content to propagates to the previous down server immediately?
I have ever tried "-c rid=001,sid=001,csn=0 " to force a full load, but didn't take effect.

I read the OpenLDAP doc, found the session-log doesn't include add operation, what's sync mechanism of the add operation.