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Re: Setting userPassword and pwdChangedTime together with Relax Rules Control

On 11/11/2011 12:19 PM, Michael Ströder wrote:

I've implemented a sync job which has to also sync passwords with a password
modification timestamp from an Oracle DB to OpenLDAP. There's a latency in
this password sync so the exact password modification timestamp has to be
copied from the source DB to attribute pwdChangedTime in OpenLDAP.

Setting the pwdChangedTime alone with the Relax Rules control is no problem.
But when the add or modify request also contains the userPassword attribute
slapo-ppolicy also wants to add a (later) value for pwdChangedTime and this
results in:

Constraint violation: attribute 'pwdChangedTime' cannot have multiple values

Any chance to achieve this in a single add/modify request? I think this
scenario is not so unusual in the real world. So slapo-ppolicy should not
generate 'pwdChangedTime' if it's already in the write request in case of
Relax Rules control enabled.

If I understand your problem correctly, the operation you are performing should be considered administrative, and thus password policy should not apply. I believe you already raised discussions related to clearly identifying administrative operations in order to bypass some overlays. These issues definitely ought to be considered.


Pierangelo Masarati
Associate Professor
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale
Politecnico di Milano