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Re: loadbalancer in OopenLDAP environment

2011/11/9 Meike Stone <meike.stone@googlemail.com>:
> Hello,
> does anywhere use loadbalancer in his OpenLDAP setup?
> I have two locations (data center). In each location I want install a
> OpenLDAP server who replicate with the other (MM N-Way)
> Then I want install a few (depends on the load) OpenLDAP ro replicas
> (replicate from the local OpenLDAP).
> - In the location are setup loadbalancers who are asked from the local clients.
> - The loadbalancer direct the searches to the local ro replicas and
> writes/modifies to the local "rw Master".
> - Only if all local ro resources are down or have a long response
> time, the loadbalancer redirects the searches to the remote ro
> replicas.
> - Same way with write access, if local rw master is down, write/modify
> access is redirect to the remote rw master.
> Is this a possible setup?
> What are the experiences with such setups, can you share them? Are there snares?
> I saw one example in the admin guide, but it shows 4 loadbalancers.
> Thats to much for my budget.

Hi Meike,

I use HAProxy to do load balancing and fail over for the LDAP service.
And to manage the read/write problem, I put LDAP proxies that catch
referrals and send them to the master(s).