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Need filter that allows members of specific group to authenticate, not sure how to build it

I am attempting to configure OpenVPN to use openldap to authenticate our Active Directory users who are a member of our VPN group in AD. Here is my ldap config for OpenVPN. Specifically I need the filter string to allow enabled users who are a member of the _VPN group. The one you see below is from an example script I found that explains how to configure LDAP for openvpn.


SearchFilter    "(&(objectClass=mailUser)(accountStatus=active)(enabledService=vpn))"


Any help is appreciated!





# LDAP server URL

URL             ldap://


# Bind DN (If your LDAP server doesn't support anonymous binds)

BindDN                CN=ldapusername,OU=LDAP,DC=example,DC=local

# Bind Password cn=vmail password

Password              *******


# Network timeout (in seconds)

Timeout         15





# Base DN

BaseDN          "dc=example,dc=local"

# User Search Filter

SearchFilter    "(&(objectClass=mailUser)(accountStatus=active)(enabledService=vpn))"

# Require Group Membership

RequireGroup    false



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