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Re: password-policy configuration problems: cannot change passwords

Marco Weber wrote:
> Ok, I've changed the password:
> ldapmodify -D cn=username,dc=domain,dc=tld -W
> dn: cn=username,dc=domain,dc=tld
> changetype: modify
> replace: userPassword
> userPassword: TheNewValue
> then i tried to change the password using ldappasswd:
> ldappasswd -D cn=username,dc=domain,dc=tld -S -W
> New password:
> Re-enter new password:
> Enter LDAP Password:
> Result: Constraint violation (19)
> Additional info: Password policy only allows one password value

What was TheNewValue? If you have password-hash {SSHA} this has to be a
pre-hashed password. Use slappasswd to generate one.

Ciao, Michael.