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Re: SLAPI plugins do not load

On Wed, 19 Oct 2011, Dimitri wrote:

Set your dynamic linker to debugging mode(s), and see if you can get a
clue as to what precisely is going wrong with the dlopen()?

Matter is, OpenLDAP loads SLAPI plugins (as well as backend modules)
with the help of libtools' ltdl library, a cross-platform wrapper over
platform specific dynamic library loading mechanisms. If you know how to
enable debug mode for ltdl, I'll be thankful if you tell me about it :)

Perhaps you could compile libltdl defining LT_DEBUG_LOADERS.

However, this is probably beside the point. I'd sooner check with a debugger if you're actually calling dlopen("/proper/path/to/the.so"). If you are, it's unlikely that you'll need to debug libtool itself; it has successfully performed its wrapping and things are now in the hands of your linker. I doubt you'd find anything of note by debugging libtool itself in this scenario.

If you never make it to an actual dlopen(), you're right, you may want libtool debugging.