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Overlays : Cache - Entry - AttributeDescription

Hi everyone,


I’m still working on my overlay for an OpenLDAP server,

and I’ve a few questions, I hope you could help me with:

1.      In my overlay, I search for the attribute of a parent (recursively)  and then, I return it in the response using the “attr_merge” function as used in the “content” overlay. But, this seems to be a permanent change, the server will always return that attribute, till I restart the server. It’s like if the “attr_merge” function add the attribute in some kind of cache that is only cleared when the server shuts down. I ‘would like my attribute to be return only when I ask it, is there some other function that allow this or maybe a way to clear that cache?

2.      I need to free some variables at the end of the request. It seems that the server goes through the response function one last time at the end of the request with an empty entry, I used  that condition to free my variable. This seems to work perfectly, but is there may be another way to do that?

3.      To determine what attribute I need to look up for parent’s attributes, I use a symbol before the attribute in the search request (ex: “_street”). This means that when the attribute arrives in the search function, it has no attribute description because the attribute name isn’t valid of course! So, I change the name, save the attribute name for later use and then use the “slap_str2ad” function do add the attribute description! But this means that the server as to go look for that attribute description again and this means decreasing the performance. My question is: Is there a way to change and saved the attribute name before the server loads the attribute descriptions and calls the search function?

Since I’ve  found a workarounds for question 2 and 3,  question 1 is my biggest problem to make my overlay work properly! Thanks for your coming answers!

Johan Jakus