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Re: Adding new Indexes while the directory is running

fuzzy_4711 wrote:

-------- Original - Text --------

Next time read the slapd-bdb(5) manpage first before wasting your time
and ours.

Since I read this list you have answered a lot more stupid questions,
which solutions also could have been found in the docs. This comment is
unpolite and unnecessary. If he knew where to find the information, he
wouldn't have to ask.

If he hasn't read the manpages he has no business running the software. That's true of any software, not just OpenLDAP.

My comment was entirely necessary, to make this point. Otherwise I wouldn't even waste my time writing it.

Your opinion is, in a word, worthless, if this is the sum total of your contribution to this community. When you've established a track record of posting correct answers to other users' questions, then you can give opinions on what is necessary or not.

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