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FW: Request for Support to Create new Object Class in OpenLDAP


Dear OpenLDAP Gurus


OpenLDAP Softwares:è Openldap-2.3.11.zip

We have compiled OpenLDAP in Redhat Linux Platform with Back-sql (with Oracle11g)



We have one session management table in our schema and which contain the 75 columns and all of them are number, varchar and timestamp data types


Whether we need any extra object class in OpenLDAP or we are able to do with existing sample objects class which is available with OpenLDAP!!!!!!


Please guide for create new auxiliary class for support the extra attributes in OpenLDAP.


Yours valuable suggestions and Supports will appreciate for testing the same.


Thanks & Regards

Hitesh Gondalia

DBA | CSM Dept

EliteCore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.