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Re: Adding new Indexes while the directory is running

(Try it and see?)

When I tried adding an index with the online config the indexing happened in the backgound, as near as I could tell. At least my logs stopped pointing out the indexing opportunity, and an index file was generated in the db dir.

My experience was on an unloaded lab slapd, though.

----- Original message -----
> Hello all,
> I've recently migrated my OpenLDAP servers configurations to the
> online configuration (cn=config) and I have a question on how to deal
> with indexes. I can add a new index directive while the base is
> running, but should I do this? Don't I need to stop the directory and
> reindex the whole database when I add the new index entry? Or can I
> add it and postpone running slapindex to a later time?
> Thank you!
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> Diego Lima
> http://www.diegolima.org