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Overlays: using search attributes

Hello everyone,

As mentioned before, I'm working on an overlay. And, I need to retrieve all the attributes send with the search request.
Here is a part of my source:

   AttributeDescription* patt = op->oq_search.rs_attrs->an_desc;
   while(patt != NULL)
     fprintf(fdebug, "attributes: %*s \n", (int) patt->ad_cname.bv_len, patt->ad_cname.bv_val);
     patt = patt->ad_next;

This only writes the name of the first attribute to the "fdebug" file. And the "patt->ad_next" is NULL (even when I've lots of attributes in my request).
I tried using the AttributeName with the "an_name", but in the AttibuteName structure there is no pointer to the next AttibuteName.
I could realy use some help! Thanks!

Johan Jakus