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LDAP + Winbind + Windows Domain

I have a Linux server configured as a domain member of a Windows domain using Winbind. I want to use the server to:

1.       Maintain GID/UID definitions for Linux <-> Windows domain mapping.

2.       Serve Linux file shares.

3.       Handle LDAP requests for id mappings (see #1) and LDAP information from the master LDAP server (Windows domain controller).

4.       Authenticate users using the password on the Windows DC.


I’m trying to find the best way to setup LDAP on the Linux server to handle issues #1 and #3. Issues #4 is working using Winbind.

I cannot change/add configuration/program on the Windows LDAP (DC) server. This LDAP server would primarily be used by

other Linux machines. I’ve seen suggestions using proxy and/or referrals, would like some more clarity on the best approach.




Eric Dana