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Re: V 2.4.x schema extensions

On 10/5/11 8:21 AM, Brett @Google wrote:
  In the objectclass schema definition you must have one of MAY or MUST,
otherwise there are no attributes considered legal by adding your
supplimentary objectclass to an object, it wont affect what attributes are
considered valid (valid attributes in your case are determined by the
superset attributes which are allowed by the other objectclass values).

The MAY attribute you commented out does not look valid, IMHO.. from the
shipped schemas :

objectclass     ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.2
     NAME 'inetOrgPerson'
         DESC 'RFC2798: Internet Organizational Person'
     SUP organizationalPerson
         MAY (
                 audio $ businessCategory $ carLicense $ departmentNumber $
                 displayName $ employeeNumber $ employeeType $ givenName $
                 homePhone $ homePostalAddress $ initials $ jpegPhoto $
                 labeledURI $ mail $ manager $ mobile $ o $ pager $
                 photo $ roomNumber $ secretary $ uid $ userCertificate $
                 x500uniqueIdentifier $ preferredLanguage $
                 userSMIMECertificate $ userPKCS12 )

The first character after MAY should be "(" with a dollar delimited list of
allowed attribute names, with a closing ")"
No. If you have one value only, you don't need to add the '(' and ')'.

Have you tried to declare the AttributeType *before* the ObjectClass which uses it ?

Emmanuel LÃcharny