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Re: How do you have LDAP Setup for Apps

On 29-9-2011 2:26, criderkevin@aol.com wrote:

I'm learning and testing different ways of configure my LDAP to handle
multiple apps. I gave up on groupofnames because I couldn't get searches
to pull out the Users in a Group. I have probably 6 or so apps that will
use the LDAP. I am leaning towards a simple structure, where each app
has it's own branch in the LDAP. My reasoning is: it's easy to
configure, may make ACL's easier to setup and manage, it will make
searches easier to setup and test, and...why not...after all this isn't
a database and duplicated "people" records don't matter. We may end up
with 2 synching LDAPS, one for our network and email, and the other for
our other apps, simply because the email system requires a very specific

Just curious to hear from the more experienced what they do in their
structure to handle multiple apps, and how sound my thinking is.

To have the same user listed more than once, just because he uses more apps, is against all my believes (and against any directory's as well, I guess): what happens if a user wanted to change their password?

Right now I'm using LDAP for routing inbound email, IMAP authentication, logon on my unix systems and authentication in web apps.

And all of them use the same userID.


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