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tunning search with less tha filter


i have to found entry  with this filter in my  ldap :


i defined the datefinjachere attribut like this 

attributetype (
        NAME 'datefinjachere'
        DESC 'datefinjachere'
        EQUALITY numericStringMatch
        SUBSTR numericStringSubstringsMatch
        ORDERING numericStringOrderingMatch
        SINGLE-VALUE )

and  i declare in my slapd.conf :

index datefinjachere eq
index statusprefix eq

in the base where i search there is 1024 entry which corresponding or not at the filter

a search take 200 millisecondes for the moment, could someone tell me if there is some tunning configuration for  better performances ? 

i see when i log with debug 

Sep 26 17:53:09 olivier slapd[3402]: => bdb_presence_candidates (datefinjachere)
Sep 26 17:53:09 olivier slapd[3402]: <= bdb_presence_candidates: (datefinjachere) not indexed 

perhaps i have to put
index datefinjachere pres,eq in my conf ?

my *.bdb file take 2G on the disk and i declare 500M of cache berkeley in my myconf

bdb4.8 openldap 2.4.23 

in advance, thank you for your time