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Re: schema question

On Sep 20, 2011, at 12:05 AM, John Tobin wrote:

> dn: cn=fratbrother,o=delta
> cn: fratbrother
> sn: fratbrother
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: person
> userPassword: fratsecret
> [...]
> dn: cn=jctobin,dc=dark,dc=net
> cn: jctobin
> userPassword: Hello1$
> […]
> Ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
>        Additional info: no objectClass attribute
> Obviously my ldap server does not like the “userPassword”  class.

userPassword is an attribute, not an objectClass.

If you look at the first object, there's two object classes
defined in the objectClass attribute: 'top' and 'person'

Left of the colon is an attribute, right side is a value.

I.e., you specify the object class to use, using the objectClass

> What have I not setup correctly?

Your knowledge of what LDAP is :).

> I need to get these users up and running.

No, what you need to do is go back to the drawing board and 
learn a little theory - you need to learn to walk before you
can drive… Kinda :).

Turbo Fredriksson