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Re: slapo-pcache and multiple hits won't cache

On Tue, 20 Sep 2011, turbo@bayour.com wrote:
> The meta seems to work, using '(uid=kpxb140)' (which is my UNIX account
> name at work) gives me two results, one from the AD and one from the
> external OL server. This is verified, because the objects look different
> (and comparing them with the 'original' source verifies this as well).
> But on top (tail) of that, I'm using pcache...
> The afformentioned search gives:
> each time (i.e., it doesn't actually write to the cache). A modified
> search
>   '(&(objectClass=account)(uid=kpxb140))'
> or
>   '(&(objectClass=person)(uid=kpxb140))'
> gives only ONE hit (the first from the OL server, the second from AD).
> This time I get the correct behaviour - it is cached into BDB...
> Is this expected behaviour or a bug? If the latter, ITS# and expected
> fix?

The answer depends on how you configured the proxycache.  For example, if 
you set an entry limit of 1, then it'll never cache the query that returns 
multiple answers.  I think there are other possibilities that would 
explain what you're seeing too.