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Re: What expect to log at info level?

Howard Chu writes:
>Nick Urbanik wrote:
>> That person would be me.  I would be happy to do the work if the
>> prospect exists of me working towards getting the changes incorporated
>> into the main OpenLDAP code base.  This change would be very useful to us.
> Great. Then I suggest you start with http://www.openldap.org/devel/ and then 
> read include/ldap_log.h in the source. Then rewrite the desired Debug 
> invocations in the slapd source, and forward your patch as a followup to
> your ITS.

Hold on.  Been there, done that:  Google(NEW_LOGGING site:openldap.org).
The code was committed in #ifdefs, but in the end it was deleted again.

So many things could be improved with slapd logging, but don't get
carried away and do a lot of work which might be rejected.  E.g. design
and code something which can live alongside the old Statslog()/Debug(),
or which those can be converted to with a script, and then improve on it
later.  That belongs in the -devel list or your ITS though, not in