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Re: secure passwords

sim123 wrote:
> 2011/9/14 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com <mailto:michael@stroeder.com>>
>     sim123 wrote:
>     > I am not sure what password modification extended operation is
>     It's a separate LDAP extended operation working on a already existing entry
>     not a normal modify operation (see RFC 3062).
> So if I add a user from C API, it should add blank in userPassowrd attribute
> and then I modify userPaswed, is that correct? Can I do, Add and modify in
> same modify request to guarantee the atomicity of operation? Would ldap still
> treat it as extended operation?

Please read RFC 4511 first and then RFC 3062 to understand the different
operations. Otherwise coding that will be a mess. Maybe you're more familiar
with a scripting language for which there's also a decent LDAP module.

>     > or does openLDAP offer some kind of API to do so?
>     See functions ldap_passwd/ldap_passwd_s in OpenLDAP's C API.
> Could not find these function in man page or google search, can you please
> point me to a reference? Thanks for the help. 

See include/ldap.h

Ciao, Michael.