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Re: LDAP proxy with back_ldap: (?=undefined)

Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG) wrote:
Hi all!

I am trying to setup the simplest possible LDAP proxy with OpenLDAP.
Actually, I do have a machine with one interface on a public IP address and
the other one on the private network. So all I want is a pass-through of
any LDAP query 1:1 from the proxy which sits on the public IP to an LDAP
server which can be reached only through a private IP on our internal

Here is my config:

database ldap
suffix  "o=top"
uri  "ldap://";

My problem is: The query sent to the backend server always contains a
(?=undefined) condition, which leads to no objects found.

In other words, the query I send to the proxy is for example:


The back_ldap will send to the backend server:


Any idea?

Turn up debug on slapd and see what filter it actually received. Also, what version of OpenLDAP is this?

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