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Re: Bind with attribute + RDN instead of DN


sim123 schrieb (12.09.2011 07:15 Uhr):

Well, while browsing for solution I realized that I was misinterpreting RDN, so basically what I want is any third party application to authenticate against my ldap using attributes other then DN, I guess its the job of application to do a search for DN and then do a bind, am I correct? Does anyone experienced similar problem while integrating with third party applications like Nagios/ Forum/ Confluence softwares?
Nowadays most of the applications that claim to have "ldap support" for authentication work with non-rdn values by searching for the corresponding DN first and bind with this later. Every other application which only uses auth with the rdn (by combining the rd with the given base to an DN) is very poorly designed and should be avoided. (IMHO)