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Need Help On Master-Master Replication Setup!!


I would like to setup OpenLDAP Mater-Master replication, before that i would like to know something more about it, because i never implemented the same.

Suppose i have 2 servers    ldap1.example.com and ldap2.example.com

I will configure M-M replication with LDAPS, in this scenario how my architecture should be? Do i need to keep it behind the loadbalancer or what are the steps to do it?
How come the client will come to know if any of the server is down, it will talk to the other server, because in my ldap.conf file i will have a single URI/host entry 
pointing to one of the server and also how to create the certificate, do i need 2 individiual certificate 1 for ldap1 and 1 for ldap2?

Please help me.