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Re: N-way multi master configuration issue

2011/8/31 Dmitriy Kirhlarov <dimma@higis.ru>:
> On 08/30/2011 10:15 PM, Naga Chaitanya Palle wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was able to get the syncronization working between 2 providers.
>> I had to remove data on both the servers and start from beginning.
>> It worked.
>> Now i am facing another issue.
>> In case of single provider-client configuration, fot tls, i used to
>> generate certificate on server and copy the same certificate to client for
>> encrypted communication between provider and client.
>> Now in case of N-way multimaster, i created server1 certificate and copied
>> that certificate to server2 and vice versa. but there is no communication
>> happening between the servers now.
>> Can you please let me know how to use tls with N-way multimaster for N=2
>> and N>2.
> 1. You can use one certificate with several names
> (http://therowes.net/~greg/2008/01/08/creating-a-certificate-with-multiple-hostnames/)
> 2. or you can use one certificate per host (name inside certificate should
> be the same, as dns-name for clients connections)

Or one wildcard certificate (*.yourdomain.tld).