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Re: Question on best way to partially disable users

On 02/09/11 12:38 -0700, Ski Kacoroski wrote:
I have an openldap server that several applications use for authenication. What we need to do is when a person is disabled, we need to disable access for that user for all applications but one (employeeonline). My first thought was simply to move the disabled person to a different OU (e.g. ou=eoonly,dc=... instead of ou=people,dc=...). The problem I am running into is that employeeonline is windows/vbscript that uses SASL to bind which means that I cannot just move the user to a different OU as they are always coming in as sasl-realm OL.NSD.ORG. Does any one have a good trick for how to do this? So far all I have come up with is:

1. Bind as a admin user and then check the user's password instead of binding as the user.

2. Figure out someway for vbscript to bind as a different SASL realms.

Use a search based mapping like:


which should (sasl) authenticate the user regardless of which subtree they
exist in, underneath dc=example,dc=net.

Dan White