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RE : Slapd-meta stop at the first unreachable candidate

I first met the problem on a pre-production openldap server. One URI was
corresponding to a load-balancer VIP routing to 2 target LDAP servers. As
both of them were stopped, the vip:port was unreachable. And as this URI was
ahead in the list, all other URI were unreachable either.

I then reproduced the same problem several times adding URI correpond to
non-existant targets at different locations. Returned entries were
systematically coming from URI above the non-existant URI.

Do you need any further information ?


> The behavior you describe is a bug.  However, I just checked, and
> everything seems to work as expected.  We definitely need to see your
> exact setup (i.e. the slapd.conf of the proxy); also, we need to know the
> exact definition of "unreachable".  For example, I simply added to an
> existing configuration a target that points to a non-existent server,
> which is unreachable (connect(2) fails).  I didn't check, for example, the
> case of a server that results in a hanging connect(2) or so.