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Re: How to design an architecture of OpenLDAP for satisfy our needs?



17.08.2011 9:17, ma hao (163) ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Hi all,

We got a problem about our authentication architecture.

Here is our situation:

We are using two parts for user authentication, which both are openldap

One is password OpenLDAP service on remote server.

One is groups information OpenLDAP service, which also is userâs
permission info, on local server.

In fact we could not get the user password in our local Openldap,
pasword information stored in remote openldap which could not get our
local group inforamtion.

Do you have any idea to make our local OpenLDAP using remote OpenLDAP
authorize the password and using local OpenLDAP supply groups information?

Best Regards

Ma Hao