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Re: openldap install questions

On Tuesday, 16 August 2011 15:58:16 Washington, Andrea wrote:
> We have Red Hat Linux 5.6.

RHEL ships with a copy of OpenLDAP, which is installable via the platform's 
software management tools (e.g. 'yum install openldap-servers' would pull in 
most pieces).

You seem to not know what you need OpenLDAP for, so at this stage, I don't 
think it can be determined whether or not the copy of OpenLDAP shipped with 
RHEL is suitable or not. Maybe you should spend some time finding out what 
exactly you need OpenLDAP for?

Of course, it is unlikely that many people on this OpenLDAP mailing list know 
what Degreeworks or Luminis are, so if you post further questions regarding 
these pieces of software, you may want to provide more context.


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> Washington, Andrea wrote:
> > Honestly, I am not sure what pieces of openldap is needed by Degreeworks.
> > The documentation for Degreeworks just shows that Openldap is required.  
> > I am trying to create single sign-on for Degreeworks via our Luminis
> > portal.