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Kudos to OpenLDAP developers

After skimming my OpenLDAP email and seeing a few snide comments about OpenLDAP and/or documentation, I felt compelled to post a thank-you to all the folks working on OpenLDAP.

Our LDAP needs have been uber-simple until recently but OpenLDAP has been rock solid and just worked without complaint, failures, or replication problems.

I recently had to setup a fancier set of LDAP servers for doing authentication/authorization for giant clusters of servers, so for the first time I found myself needing other overlays like accesslog and ppolicy and although I had to spend a bit of time RTFM'ing (oh no, not that! - grin) I found them like my previous experience with OpenLDAP - they just worked.

And other than needing to start slapd with a larger max number of File descriptors to handle thousands of clients all suddenly connecting and doing queries simultaneously (slaps forehead - I shoulda expected this), we've had no problems.

So to everyone who's spent late nights 'n weekends digging through the source code looking for bugs, or adding new overlays, thanks. It's appreciated...