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Re: Server Hangs

--On Friday, August 12, 2011 4:00 PM -0700 David Engeset <davidke@whidbey.net> wrote:
Hi David,

Please remove this, since it had no behavior change:

# This one I added recently to see if it might help.

I can send out the LDIF I am using and the perl scripts that I run to
break it for anyone who is interested.
Thank you,

I would be interested in all of the above to see if I can reproduce it as well.

Also, please supply:

Configure options and flags for building BDB (all versions 4.2+). Make sure you use -g for debugging symbols. I use -O2 on the optimization level.

Configure options and flags for building OpenLDAP (2.4.26). Make sure you use -O0 and -g for no optimizations and debugging symbols.

When the server is locked, get the output of:

db_stat -CA
gdb backtrace of the slapd process.



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