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Re: XDAS, SNMP, Auditing, Architecture, Systemrequirement, Replication, Administration - Request

> Dear Sir or Madam,
> i have some questions about OpenLDAP 2.4.23 or 2.4.26. Does it have a
> XDAS interface or implementation possibility of another company?

No XDAS support; OpenLDAP has an internal form of auditing implemented in
slapo-accesslog(5), which creates a service database that contains
detailed logs of every access to the database, according to
draft-chu-ldap-logschema.  I see two possible approaches for standardizing
auditing according to Open Group standard:
- develop a standoff tool that reads the accesslog database (e.g. via
plain LDAP) and reformats it according to XDAS, e.g. using OpenXDAS'
- develop an overlay similar in functionality to slapo-accesslog(5) that
writes audit logs to xdasd.
Feel free to issue a request for enhancement via the ITS

> Can it
> use SNMP for monitoring/administration?

No, it uses LDAP itself for administration, via the cn=config interface.

> A question of the architecture
> of OpenLDAP: Provide it Read-Only/Multi-Read/Write/Multi-Server System?
> Where can i find Requirments for the system, on which OpenLDAP should
> installed? My last question is about replication, which replicationforms
> cann be used, partitioning?

Replication is detailed in the admin guide